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mr adam swain

4th Degree black belt

Mrs jennifer swain

5th degree black belt

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MRs s rosie (2nd degree)


Miss N Scott (2nd Degree)

Mr A Bailey (2nd Degree)

Miss Mohan-Singh (2nd Degree)

Mr D Hales (1st Degree)

Mrs R Rosie (1st Degree)

Mr Adam Swain - 4th Degree

I started Taekwon-Do in December 2002 at the age of 13, training under Mr Chris Walker in Southampton. In October 2006 I was successful in grading to 1st Degree Black Belt with Credit, and have recently passed my 4th Degree grading. I am a fully qualified P.U.M.A. Instructor and competition Referee.

I have been assisting in Mr Walker’s classes for a number of years and have really enjoyed being able to pass on what I have learnt throughout my training – which is the main reason for starting my own school. Teaching helps me to reflect on my own technique and improve my understanding; I also love being asked questions I don’t already know the answer to.

After earning my 1st Degree I was able to convince my mum to start training (who had sat and watched almost every training session I’d been to!), and at a P.U.M.A. competition I met my future wife. To me Taekwon-Do is much more than just a martial art. It is a way of living, and an extended family!

I’m very passionate about Taekwon-Do, and P.U.M.A. and I believe it is this passion that has helped me to become as successful as I am. The family atmosphere that runs right the way through P.U.M.A. has made me feel very welcome at every event I’ve attended – some of my best friends have been made through Taekwon-Do. I have had the honour of representing P.U.M.A. at a number of international competitions, including two ITF World Cups, and hope to be able to continue to do so for many years. To stay at this level I am always looking to improve my fitness and knowledge.

I hope I will be able to pass on my enthusiasm and experience throughout your journey, and help you to achieve whatever you have set your sights on.

Mrs Jennifer Swain - 5TH Degree

I started training when I was 7 Years old with my Dad. A year or so later my younger sister joined. I gained my 1st Degree when I was 12 years old, which was a real turning point for me. In October 2014 I passed my 4th Degree grading with Distinction and was also awarded the ‘Mike Frost Heart and Soul Award’. I am a fully qualified P.U.M.A. Instructor, and ‘Little P.U.M.A.s’ Instructor (classes for 4-7year olds).

I fell in love with Taekwon-Do from the moment I started and have never lost that feeling. Taekwon-Do has always provided me with lots of great opportunities and challenges, and as a child really helped my self confidence. I believe that Taekwon-Do really is for people of all ages and abilities – having trained with children as young as 4 and grandparents in their 60’s!

At 14 I became an Assistant Instructor and supported Master Gayle (8th Degree, and Chairman of P.U.M.A.) at his school in Swindon. As I continued to teach with the guidance of Master Gayle, I discovered that teaching was something that I wished to do as a career, so I studied hard and applied to do a teaching degree at the University of Gloucestershire, for 5- 11 Year olds. Whilst continuing my degree I began teaching a Little P.U.M.A.s class under the guidance of Mr Skidmore(IV)

I am currently a Special Needs Teacher and I’m very enthusiastic and passionate about my job. It’s always a great feeling watching students continually improve and excel.

Whilst supporting Master Gayle’s class and training very hard I was selected for the National team to compete internationally. My greatest achievement was winning a gold and silver medal at the Junior World Championships held in Australia.

Whilst I was competing I met my future husband. We have competed together for 6 years and travelled around the world in doing so. We are a great team and continually support each other to be better. I look forward to seeing lots of new faces at the Swain Taekwon-Do school and supporting each person with their individual goals.

Mr T Bailey - 2nd Degree

Main Class: Fareham

Training Since: 2009

Taekwon-Do Achievements/ Qualifications:
2nd Degree Black Belt
1st Degree P.U.M.A Bo-Staff
P.U.M.A Umpire
Regular competitor at P.U.M.A regional and national competitions

Favourite TKD Moments:
P.U.M.A Summer Camps in Croyde

Favourite Technique:
Knife-hand guarding block

Miss N Scott - 2nd Degree

Main Class: Fareham

Training Since: 2009

Taekwon-Do Achievements/ Qualifications:
Assistant instructor
Trainee Umpire

Favourite TKD Moments:
first TKD comp, which was a real club team experience. Great results, and a gold in sparring for me!
Training outdoors after class in the dying light with my very first TKD classmates along with a TKD master, climbing the gate that had been locked after training because we’d trained too late.

Favourite Technique:
Either downward kick or 360 turning kick

Miss E Mohan-Singh - 2nd Degree

Main Class: Totton

Training Since: 28th January 2015

Taekwondo Achievements/ qualifications:
Assistant instructor
PUMA International Open Vice-Champion
3x PUMA English Champion

Favourite TKD moment:
Finding out at my 1st degree black belt presentation evening that I passed with a credit and got the best junior coloured belt award.

Favourite Technique:
Sonkal Daebi Makgi (Knifehand Guarding Block)


Main Class: Fareham

Training Since: 1987, then after a break until 2015

Taekwon-Do Achievements/ Qualifications:
1st Degree Black belt
2018 PUMA Black Belt Breaking Champion

Favourite TKD Moment:
Seeing students progress at gradings

Favourite Technique: Flying Side Kick

Miss r Rosie - 1st Degree

Training Since: 2003

Taekwon-Do Achievements/ Qualifications:
English & British Champion 2019 for Ladies Black Belt Sparring

Favourite TKD Moment:
Winter Camp 2019 – a great mix of socialising and training

Favourite Technique:
Traditional: dwijibun sonkut tulgi (upset fingertip thrust) sparring: defensive side kick