November 2019 Taekwon-Do Colour Belt Grading Results

The final Taekwon-Do Colour Belt Grading of 2019 was held on Thursday 28th November with Mr Lammin (6th Degree) as the examiner. Our students were tested on their line work, patterns, set sparring, free sparring, power and theory. Once again we had a 100% pass rate!

Before going on to the results, I want to thank all the black belts who gave up their time to support the grading; asking theory questions, keeping students calm and selling refreshments. 

I also want to thank the family members of all the students for your continued help and support in their Taekwon-Do journey.

Without further ago, congratulations to everyone below on your promotion!

  • Ty Vincent – P.U.M.A. Grade 1 (Purple Stripe)
  • Natalie Gammon – P.U.M.A. Grade 1 (Purple Stripe)
  • Isaac Gammon – P.U.M.A. Grade 1 (Purple Stripe)
  • Alfie Workman – P.U.M.A. Grade 2 (Orange Stripe)
  • Lyla Mumford – P.U.M.A. Grade 2 (Orange Stripe)
  • Ian Kimber – 9th Kup (Yellow Stripe)
  • Oscar Turner – 9th Kup (Yellow Stripe) CREDIT
  • Luca Adele – 8th Kup (Yellow Belt) CREDIT
  • Geoff Geen – 7th Kup (Green Stripe) CREDIT
  • Suttichai Se-Upara – 6th Kup (Green Belt)
  • Anissa Se-Upara – 6th Kup (Green Belt)
  • Emma Bennett – 5th Kup (Blue Stripe)
  • Pippa Read – 5th Kup (Blue Stripe) CREDIT
  • Erin Mussell – 4th Kup (Blue Belt)
  • Wayne Mile – 4th Kup (Blue Belt) CREDIT
  • Edward Greenaway – 3rd Kup (Red Stripe)
  • Jack Chapman – 2nd Kup (Red Belt)

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