March Taekwon-Do Grading results

On 15th March we had our latest colour belt grading under the watchful eye of examiner Mr Lammin (6th Degree).  We had 11 students enter, and after their opportunity to demonstrate their skills, all 11 passed! We also had one Credit pass and one Distinction pass! Congratulations everyone!

Depending on grade, the grading contains: patterns, line work, traditional kicking, set sparring, free sparring, power tests and theory.  Lots of new information for these guys to learn now.

Full results:

Georgia Coles – P.U.M.A. Grade 1 (Purple Stripe)
Scott Harris – P.U.M.A. Grade 1 (Purple Stripe)
Georgia Harris – 9th Kup (Yellow Stripe)
Megan Brackstone – 9th Kup (Yellow Stripe)
Erin Mussell – 8th Kup (Yellow Belt)
Anissa Se-Upara – 8th Kup (Yellow Belt)  CREDIT
Aimee Mansel – 8th Kup (Yellow Belt)  DISTINCTION
Erin Couper – 6th Kup (Green Belt)
Edward Greenaway – 5th Kup (Blue Stripe)
Jack Chapman – 4th Kup (Blue Belt)
Jaden Oxford – 2nd Kup (Red Belt)

Once again, congratulations everyone.

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