Lockdown Gradings

As with most things at the moment we have had some disruption following lockdown restrictions. However that hasn’t stopped our students from training hard and improving their skills. We have already had a live Little PUMA grading through video calls; and our Taekwon-Do students were examined by Mr Lammin with video submissions.

Read on for full results​.

Little PUMA grading

Our Little PUMAs (for 4-7 year olds) have been working really hard at home through video calls, and supportive parents. Going in to lockdown they had been preparing for their grading on their ‘Balance’ theme. Moving on-line caused a bit of a delay and disruption but we got there in the end, and were able to test them back in April. We are pleased to be able to announce the following promotions:

  • Harry G – Yellow Belt
  • Emily G – Green Belt

Taekwon-Do grading

We are really proud of how our Taekwon-Do students have embraced the lockdown challenge, with many of them taking the opportunities to train even more regularly than usual classes! We made the decision to keep grading an option for those who had been training hard and were very impressed with the results. The students were examined on a modified syllabus; but put through their paces in a 1:1 video call pre-grading before filming the required elements of the syllabus for Mr Lammin to examine. Congratulations to the following students (I hope we can present your belts soon!):

  • Natalie Gammon – P.U.M.A. Grade 2 (Orange Stripe)
  • Isaac Gammon – P.U.M.A. Grade 2 (Orange Stripe)
  • Sienna Sokol – P.U.M.A. Grade 2 (Orange Stripe) CREDIT
  • Ethan Smith – 8th Kup (Yellow Belt)
  • Harman Shergill – 8th Kup (Yellow Belt) CREDIT
  • Mark Sokol – 8th Kup (Yellow Belt) CREDIT
  • Alex Harris – 7th Kup (Green Stripe)
  • Ian Kimber – 7th Kup (Green Stripe)
  • Carys Metcalfe – 6th Kup (Green Belt)
  • Emma Bennett – 4th Kup (Blue Belt) ​CREDIT

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