June Taekwon-Do Colour Belt Grading


The 1st June saw our latest colour belt grading. 10 of our students took the floor in front of the watchful eye of Mr Daniel Lammin (6th Degree) alongside students from Bournemouth.

Once again we had a 100% pass rate, with a fantastic 3 Credit passes and 1  Distinction pass!  We also had four students taking their first Taekwon-Do grading too.

Everyone put in a fantastic effort, showing off their technique in line work, patterns, set sparring, power test, free sparring and theory.

Full Results:

Carys Metcalfe – P.U.M.A. Grade 1 (Purple Stripe)
Lauren Hayes – P.U.M.A. Grade 1 (Purple Stripe)
Charlie Arscott – P.U.M.A. Grade 1 (Purple Stripe)
Georgia Coles – P.U.M.A. Grade 2 (Orange Stripe)
Scott Harris – P.U.M.A. Grade 2 (Orange Stripe)  CREDIT
Daniel Standen – 9th Kup (Yellow Stripe) CREDIT
Megan Brackstone – 8th Kup (Yellow Belt)
Erin Mussell – 7th Kup (Green Stripe)
Pippa Read – 7th Kup (Green Stripe) CREDIT
Aimee Mansel – 7th Kup (Green Stripe) DISTINCTION

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