June Little PUMA Grading Results

On Tuesday 19th June our Little PUMAs had the opportunity to show of their skills in front of Mr Swain while grading for their new belts.  The Little PUMAs were asked to display their developing Taekwon-Do and Coordination knowledge they have been working on over the past three months.

Mrs Swain and Mrs Hallett (our Little PUMA instructors) have done brilliantly preparing them for the grading; with all 7 passing!  All Little PUMAs were presented with their new belts, certificate and Coordination badges.

We also had the pleasure of awarding one student their Little PUMA Black Belt; the results of 2 years of hard work.  That’s a very long time for someone under 7 years old!

Grading Results:
Leo McCabe – Orange Belt
Rhys Holloway – Orange Belt
James Dempsey – Green Belt
Lyla Mumford – Blue Belt
William Lambelle – Red Belt
Alex Harris – Brown Belt
Tyler McGhie – Black Belt!

The next three months sees our Little PUMAs working on Focus and Concentration alongside their Taekwon-Do Skills!

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