Swain TKD Competition Success

Taekwon-Do competitions have been few and far between for almost two years; but they are back now! And just like busses two have come along at once! P.U.M.A. held their Junior Championships in Thornbury and some members of the P.U.M.A. Squad went to the LTSI English Opens in Hertfordshire.

We are really proud to say that Ian K entered the Junior Championships – his first ever competition. Entering High Kick, Patterns and Sparring he came away from the day with a bronze medal in sparring – and a huge smile on his face!

Mr Thomas Bailey and Mr Aidan Bailey were both at the LTSI competition, where Mr and Mrs Swain were also on duty coaching the 14 members of the P.U.M.A. Squad competing. You can read how the whole squad got on here on the P.U.M.A. events page.

Mr T Bailey entered over 18s 2nd Degree patterns and over 35s sparring (giving away a few years in both categories, and a few kgs in the sparring) – performing very well to come away with a bronze medal in sparring.

Mr A Bailey was in the same patterns category, as well as sparring and special technique (kicking a target well above head height). His performances earned him a gold medal in patterns!

The next competition on the horizon is the P.U.M.A. British Championships (for those 16yrs and over) in November. If you’d like to improve your competition performances get yourselves to some of the upcoming P.U.M.A. Squad Sessions.

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