PUMA Point Stop and Team Championships

The point stop and team championships is an event which hadn’t featured on the PUMA calendar for a few years, but this year it made a come back – much to the enjoyment of everyone there.

Held on Sunday 24th March, in Newbury, over 200 competitors from 23 schools took part, overseen by 43 officials. From Swain Taekwon-Do we had eight competitors, making three teams, and Mr Swain going along as a Referee.

I was very proud of how well everyone performed, many in their first competition. Although I am even more proud of how well you all worked together, looked after each other, and supported each other throughout the competition. I look forward to seeing you at the next one!

  • Our junior female colour belt pattern team did really well in their first ever competition and narrowly missed out on a medal
    • Carys, Georgia and Lauren, as newly promoted yellow belts, were even up against teams of green belts & blue stripes!
  • Our adult female black belt pattern team put in a really good performance too, against some very strong teams
    • Chrissy, Miss Rosie and Mrs Coles had a tough job with a last minute change of pattern, but performed very well.
  • Our adult female black belt sparring team had a great day picking up a silver medal!
    • Well done Miss Rosie, Mrs Coles and Mrs Swain
  • We also had three entries into individual sparring
    • Ben Rosie – adult male colour belt sparring, earning a bronze in a large category
    • Miss Rosie – adult female black belt sparring – bronze
    • Mrs Coles – adult female black belt sparring – bronze

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