PUMA English Championships Results

Swain Taekwon-Do students had another fantastic day at the PUMA English Championships held in Swindon on the 7th July. From the schools we had four students and one instructor competing, as well as three black belts attending the whole day as officials.

5 Competitors, 2 Gold and 3 Bronze medals! Well done Team Swain!

Although only a small number of entries, we came away with a good number of medals; so well done everyone!

  • Phoebe Metcalfe
    • White belt patterns
  • Carys Metcalfe
    • Bronze – Yellow belt patterns
  • Lauren Hayes
    • Bronze – Yellow belt patterns
    • Bronze – Yellow belt sparring
  • Miss Rachel Rosie
    • Gold – Black Belt Sparring
  • Mrs Jenny Swain
    • Gold – 3rd & 4th Degree Black Belt patterns

A massive thank you also needs to be extended to Mrs Hallett, Mrs Rosie and Mr Swain who all gave up their days to help officiate at the event. Competitions can’t run without officials, so thank you!

We also have the PUMA Junior Championships (October) and the PUMA British Championships (November) coming up this year. It would be great to see many more of you enter!

For extra competition focused training check out the PUMA Squad training dates on the PUMA Facebook Page.

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