P.U.M.A English Championships


We had our largest group of students yet enter the P.U.M.A. English Championships on 1st July in Swindon – but there is still room for more. All but one of them were competing in their first ever competition which takes a lot of courage and deserves respect in itself.

It was a very hot day but all our students kept their cool and performed well. Other instructors even commented how well some of you did, which shows how hard you all are working. I am sure they all took away some valuable experience which will help them in their next competition.

Who did what?
Anissa Se-Upara – High Kick and Patterns
Sutti Se-Upara – Patterns
Erin Couper – High Kick, and a Bronze in Patterns
Pippa Read – High Kick, a Bronze in Patterns, and a Bronze in Sparring
Aimee Mansel – Bronze in Musical Patterns, Bronze in Sparring, and a Silver in Patterns!

These results put us in joint 17th (out of 33 schools) in P.U.M.A.s new competition league table, after the first competition. I’m sure we can climb that throughout the year.

Alongside our students, Mr Swain spent the day refereeing at the competition, while Mrs Swain spent time as a referee as well as competing – taking Gold in both Patterns and Sparring!

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