Open Dutch Championships & Extra Sparring Training – 25 Jan 2020

Another busy weekend for Swain Taekwon-Do saw Mr Swain and Mr Bailey junior head to Eindhoven, The Netherlands for the 2020 Open Dutch Championships while Mrs Swain put some students through their paces with an extra sparring session!

695 Competitors from 23 Countries took part in the 2020 Open Dutch Championships. The P.U.M.A. squad took a small squad this year including Mr Bailey as a competitor and Mr Swain as a referee. A full write up can be found on the P.U.M.A. Events Website – but Mr Bailey performed well to reach the semi-finals in 2nd Degree Patterns (unfortunately losing the bronze medal play-off match afterwards). He also gave a good account for himself in his weighted sparring category and the open weight category! The Open Dutch is a very tough competition with many World and European medallists taking part.

While Mr Swain and Mr Bailey were in Holland, Mrs Swain took some of our other students through some fitness and sparring practice for upcoming P.U.M.A. competitions – starting with the International Open on 8th Feb. Those who were there worked very hard while refining their skills. We’ll be looking at putting these sessions on around once a month – so keep your eyes open for the next ones!

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