AETF Taekwon-DO E-Tournament

Due to the global effects of Coronavirus the AETF (the European arm of the ITF) hosted an online, open competition for Individual Patterns, Team Patterns and Pre-arranged sparring. The competition was opened up to practitioners from across the world, not just Europe, attracting over 900 entries!

P.U.M.A. had four competitors enter, including our very own Miss Mohan-Singh competing in Female 14-17 2nd Degree patterns. As an online competition Miss Mohan-Singh was required to film four rounds worth of patterns (two designated patterns for each round) prior to the competition. Unfortunately she had a tough first round and lost to a competitor from Norway who went on to take a bronze medal. We are very proud of Miss Mohan-Singh’s efforts in this competition and look forward to her representing Swain TKD and P.U.M.A. at events of this level in person in future – definitely an unforgettable experience!

Mr Swain was also active in this competition on the other side of proceedings – continuing his experiences as an umpire Mr Swain was successful in his applications to judge matches at the online competitions. Although it didn’t have the same buzz as being around people and ‘in the action’ it was still a rewarding and valuable experience; and Mr S is looking at applying to umpire at the online World Championships later in the year.

The ITF’s report can be found on their website here.

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