ITF Umpire course

Three members of Swain Taekwon-Do took part in the Second Online ITF Umpires Course (17-18 April), alongside another four members of P.U.M.A. This course covered the main rules and regulations of ITF competitions as well as the scoring systems and key things to look out for when Umpiring or Refereeing. All disciplines were covered over the weekend – patterns, sparring, power breaking, special technique (all in individual and team formats) as well as traditional sparring.

The online course meant that there was less opportunity to practice scoring than an in person course but the Umpire Committee made up for this with a blend of presentation, video, and question and answer opportunities. In total there were 430 participants representing 39 countries, with the course being repeated in Spanish and Russian on other dates which suggests a bright future for ITF Competition. The full ITF report can be found

The Swain Taekwon-Do members in attendance were Mr Swain, Mrs Swain and Mr T Bailey.

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