2021 In Review

2021 has been another challenging year for everyone with the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. However we have been working hard as instructors to keep things going as normally as possible and the support we have had from our students and their families has been amazing.

We have been constantly surprised with how well our students have risen to the challenges the past two years presented, and the opportunities that arose.

We’ve had three Taekwon-Do colour belt gradings with a total of 54 promotions – 15 of which were credit passes.  Our Little PUMA classes in Totton have bounced back really strongly after the lockdowns with 18 promotions in 2021, and back to a full class.

Four students took part in a recent Bo Staff seminar and grading, with three passes and a credit. All four following in the footsteps of Mr T and Mr A Bailey (two of PUMAs first bo-staff black belts) who helped to assist the teaching at the seminar.

In person competitions were back on the calendar in the second half of 2021 with the PUMA Junior, and PUMA British Championships. Across those two competitions we had 7 entries coming away with 7 bronze, 1 silver and 5 gold medals! Outside of PUMA competitions we also had students representing Swain TKD and PUMA at the LTSI British Open, alongside Mr and Mrs Swain as coaches. Miss Mohan-Signh was also selected to represent the ITF-England National Taekwon-Do team at the European Championships in Spain, unfortunately there were no medals for her time around but plenty of valuable experience gained!

It was lovely to be able to finish the year with our usual Christmas party with fun and games for all and a Christmas Meal with delicious food at Anissa’s Thai Kitchen in Lyndhurst. We were able to hand out student of the year awards (combined for 2020/2021) for Little P.U.M.A.s and Junior students; always a pleasure to celebrate those students who go the extra mile! We’re looking forward to handing out trophies to our adult students of the year who weren’t able to make the party.

With good fortune we can carry this energy into 2022 where we will (hopefully) have a full calendar of in-person events. Remember, the more opportunities you take, the more memories you will make! Enjoy the winter break, and spend some time thinking about what goals you want to set yourself for 2022 – how are you going to push your boundaries and comfort zone? What new events will you take part in?

Congratulations for all you achieved this year; here is to even bigger and better things next year!

Mr and Mrs Swain.

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